Special Forces Divisions

Special Forces Templates

Struggling to get the XP to create your templates?

Check out the XP farming guide here


This marine template is the best you will get for naval invasions. Not all the support companies are necessary but they will help on difficult naval invasions where the enemy port is stacked with divisions.

Check out this guide for how to properly do naval invasions: Naval Invasion Guide


  • Mountaineers are rarely needed
  • Only really useful if you need to break mountain tiles that you are struggling with

Other Support Companies:

  1. Artillery – Use if main attack division
  2. Recon – Use if main attack division
  3. Signal – Use if main attack division
  4. Anti-Air – Use if you don’t have enough fighters for air superiority
  5. Logistics – Only use if you are going to be fighting in areas of low infrastructure/supply


IMPORTANT: I recommend changing the width depending on how many paratroopers you can deploy. For a small country 2 width might beĀ necessary. Sometimes when I play Germany for example I will go up to 10 width.

Prioritise number of paratroopers over the strength of the division.

It may seem unintuitive but it is best to make suicide low width paratroopers 90% of the time. By making them low width you can make more of them before reaching the special forces cap.

Check out this guide for how to properly use paratroopers: Paradrop Guide