Tank Templates

Tank Division Templates

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40 Width

This is the best tank template from my experience. It is practically unbeatable against AI.

Replace the medium tanks with whichever you want.

If you can afford it use mechanized infantry, however motorized is cheap and good early game.

Medium Tanks: Best overall tanks

Heavy Tanks: Strongest but slowest tanks – good against other tanks

Light Tanks: Fastest tanks – not recommended unless you want to have fun with their speed

2 SP Anti-Air is usually the best. It can be replaced with 1 tank if the enemy has no air. If you need to pierce tanks you can use a Tank Destroyer instead.

20 Width

Overall I wouldn’t recommend 20 width tanks unless you are a small country with a small industry.

If you want to build 20 width tanks rather than 40 width there are a variety of different templates that people recommend. Here is a template that works for me.