Naval Invasion Guide

Naval Invasion Guide

A common mistake is for players to assign ten divisions to a naval invasion and then get confused as to why their ten divisions cannot beat three divisions. It is not worthwhile assigning more than three 40 Width divisions to land on one single tile as if you assign more they will not reinforce into the battle.

Bad Naval Invasion
Good Naval Invasion

All 10 marines will attack one tile. Most of them won’t be able to reinforce into the battle.

 Low chance of success.

Landings spread out. 2 Marines land on each port and 1 Marine on each tile next to a port. The marines that land next to a port can then attack that adjacent port to reinforce the marines naval invading.

High chance of success

Invasion Bonuses

To increase your probability of success even more you can utilize Shore Bombardment, Air Superiority and CAS, and some General and Admiral traits.

Shore Bombardment

If you have ships next to a tile they will provide an attack and defense bonus. Battleships are the best ships for providing shore bombardment bonus.

You can either manually move the ships to the coastline of the tile or use the Naval Invasion Support mission.

In this diagram the red battleship is providing shore bombardement to the land troops, while the blue battleship is providing it for the naval invasion. Note - The battleships have been manually positioned in this instance
A naval invasion with the shore bombardment icon showing for the defender.

General and Admiral Traits

Most of these traits are difficult to get and I rarely end up using, however I have included them in case anyone else benefits from them.


  • Invasion Preparation Time: -30%
  • Amphibious Invasion Speed: +30%


  • Extra Marine Supply Grace +240 Hours

Naval Liaison:

  • Shore Bombardment Bonus: +25%


  • Out of Supply: -25%

Ground Pounder:

  • Shore Bombardment Bonus: +25%