Panzer Leader Guide

Panzer Leader Guide

Panzer Leader is one of the most important general traits in the game if you plan on using tanks. It gives a +5% Armor speed buff as well as a +10% Armor division attack. Furthermore it unlocks the Panzer Expert trait which gives +10% Armor division defense.

Panzer leader can seem a tricky trait to unlock as it takes a while to create strong tank divisions, however you do not in fact need any tanks to unlock to unlock the trait. To unlock the trait you need tank division templates in the same army with other divisions in combat.

By reading the trait description you can see that in order to gain experience towards the trait you need to have >40% armored ratio in an army.

To see if you have enough divide the number of tank divisions by the total number of divisions in the army and multiply that by 100%.

In this guide I use seven divisions in an army of which three are tanks. This creates an armored ratio of around 43%.

(3/7) * 100% = 42.9%

A trick to make your tank divisions use no equipment is to un-assign any equipment from them. To do this go into the division designer and edit the tank division template. Click “Equipment” in the top right. From here you can un-tick all the equipment for the divisions. By doing so the division will use no equipment.

Now to actually get the trait you want to use other divisions in the same army to attack/defend. As seen in the picture below the three tank divisions have no equipment. In fact they are doing nothing. Meanwhile there are four infantry divisions fighting and increasing the Panzer Leader progress. In my game I fought as Germany in the Spanish Civil War, before the end of it I was able to get the Panzer Leader trait by using my infantry divisions to fight in the same army as my unequipped tank divisions.