Paradrop Guide

Paradrop Guide

In HOI4 my preferred strategy of paradroppingĀ  is ‘suicide dropping’. This strategy utilizes weak paratrooper divisions that are only meant to capture strategically important objectives. I don’t recommend making good paratrooper divisions as by doing this you will severely limit the amount of paratroopers you can deploy.

I recommend following my Paratrooper Template but changing the number of paratrooper battalions so that you have not too many and not too few paratroopers.

To explain this strategy I will use an example of invading the UK as Germany after the fall of France.

Choosing Paratrooper Width

Note – In all of the following images the division templates are composed of only paratroopers

The following pictures show how many paratroopers I can deploy based on the size (width) of the division template.

2 Width (1 Battalion)
4 Width (2 Battalions)
6 Width (3 Battalions)
8 Width (4 Battalions)

Decision: For an invasion of the UK I choose to use the 6 width (3 Battalion) template.

2 and 4 width gives me too many divisions. I could use 8 width but I think I will benefit from the extra 8 divisions 6 width gives me.

Invasion Plan

For my invasion plan I put all my paratroopers on an airport tile where my Transport Planes are. Then I assign many orders to land along most of the Southern English coast. I put priority on ports as they are what I need to capture.

Note – You do not need many Transport Planes, however the more you have the better

Now with my plan ready I will wait for my divisions to reach full organisation and for all my fighters to be ready. If possible, DO NOT move your fighters over where you divisions are dropping until you click the order. This is because if you move your fighters there before the order the enemy will then move theirs and you will have to battle for superiority.

Order of operation:

  1. Click the arrow above your army to activate the battle plan
  2. Move your fighters over the air zone with the Air superiority mission
  3. As your Paratroopers land prioritse taking ports for your strong troops to land

Here is the result. 4 ports have been captured to land strong divisions on. The paratroopers will not be able to hold the ports so make sure to immediately move good divisions over. Make sure to pay attention to the supply to not attrition the divisions.