Tech Switching

Tech Switching

Tech switching is a trick that can be used to reduce the research time of a technology. It works by using the 30 days of research that can be reserved to basically skip forward up to 30 days. As it has to be frequently monitored I don’t recommend using this excessively. It can be very useful if you are trying to research something before a focus that would otherwise take longer.


In this example I will be reducing the research time of Construction I

Step 1

Pick the technology you want to research faster in the first slot.

Leave the second slot to save up to 30 days.

Step 2

Once 30 (or less if you want) days have been saved switch the first research to any other research.

Step 3

Now choose your original research in the second slot that had been saving days.

As you can see I managedĀ  to reduce the research time by about 30 days for Construction I. Using this trick multiple times could shave off even more time for the research to finish.